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Transition to school program

At Coastal Kids, we firmly believe that preparing your children for the journey of formal schooling is paramount to their future learning and academic growth. In collaboration with local schools in our area, we have developed a comprehensive six-month program that targets specific areas of learning identified by these esteemed educational institutions.


Our meticulously designed program focuses on essential skills such as numeracy, literacy, self-help abilities, group participation, and various other activities that interconnect across these areas. By addressing these key aspects, we empower our children to excel academically and build a solid foundation for their educational journey.


Our annual school transition program, which kicks off in May, encourages all our children to embrace new challenges and feel more confident about their transition to school. This specially crafted initiative dedicates thirty minutes each day to focused school transition activities. However, it's important to note that these activities are not limited to this timeframe alone.


Throughout our daily routine, we embed practices that develop fundamental skills, providing a scaffold for their learning. From name tracing and identification to number-based transition songs, designated group times, and more, we create an immersive environment that nurtures their educational growth.

The management and educators at Coastal Kids are dedicated to delivering the best outcomes and fostering the growth of each child under our care. Whether through our carefully designed school transition program or the plethora of stimulating free play activities that ignite their young minds, we prioritise your child's development above all else.


We invite you to inquire about our school transition program and discover how we ensure the educational success of each and every child when you visit our centre in the future or when your child becomes a part of our services.

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