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Centre Philosophy

At Coastal kids early learning centre the safety, health and wellbeing of the children that attend our service, their families and our educators are paramount. Each and every one is respected without discrimination or bias, and has a voice.


In our service children are viewed as successful, competent and capable learners who are given opportunities to construct their own understandings, contribute to the learning of others, and participate in decisions that affect them. Equity, inclusion and diversity are embedded in our practices. Children are given every opportunity to succeed and their diverse circumstances,

cultural background and abilities are respected and valued.


Our curriculum

Guided by the Early years learning frame work, Children are supported and encouraged to become environmentally responsible which is embedded in practice, program and policies.


Our team

Management and educators at Coastal kids early learning centre are dedicated to quality outcomes for children. They are professional, committed to lifelong learning, skilled, knowledgeable, reflective and act in the best interests of all children.


Our families

We strive to develop trusting, supportive and respectful relationships with families, we listen to and learn with families and engage in shared decision making, planning and assessment practices in relation to children’s learning, development and wellbeing


Our community

We value the connections between children, families and communities. These connections are a key contributor to ensuring all children feel safe, secure and supported. Welcoming community participation strengthens connections with a range of local services, empowering children with a greater understanding of the history, services, skills, industries and environmental factors

our local community holds. Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures are acknowledged, respected and valued through our day-to-day practices.

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