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Education Program

At Coastal Kids Early Learning Centre our education program is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework. To learn more about the main principles taught in EYLF or to learn more about the areas in our curriculum, please see below. 

EYLF 5 Principles

1. Secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships.

By nurturing positive interactions and consistent emotional support, educators help to grow a child’s skills, knowledge and awareness to interact positively with others.


2. Partnerships

As educators we encourage families to work with us to develop a meaningful curriculum. We recognise that families are children’s first and most influential teachers.


3. High expectations and equity

Children have the ability to succeed regardless of circumstances and ability. As educators we promote inclusion and participation of all children.


4. Respect for diversity

By showing respect and honouring families’ different lifestyle choices, cultures, traditions and methods of child rearing, educators help children feel good. Diversity is also about exposing children to new experiences outside their own lives. It includes promoting a greater understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of knowing and being.


5. Ongoing learning and reflective practice

Educators participate in professional development to improve learning practices. As well, they value family and community knowledge and gather information to support children’s growth and learning.

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